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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions  before completing your booking with Makeup by Sascha.

Once your booking is confirmed please also make sure to read the appointment preparation information in the FAQ's below.

Booking Terms and Conditions

By submitting a booking request to makeup by Sascha you agree to the following Terms and Conditions;

Your booking is not confirmed unless it has both been approved by Makeup by Sascha and your booking fee has been made. Your booking will not be reserved until the booking fee has been received. The fee will be calculated as a percentage of your booking amount and will come off the total, with the remaining amount payable on the day of the appointment, an invoice containing payment details will be sent via email.

Makeup by Sascha reserves the right to decline an appointment request without reason. The booking fee is non refundable if the appointment is cancelled by the client unless required by law. The fee can however be transferred to a new date if your event is cancelled or postponed. If the appointment is cancelled by Makeup by Sascha the booking fee will be refunded once acknowledgement of the cancellation is received from the client. Once a booking has been confirmed by Makeup by Sascha, all details including time, date, location, number of clients in the booking and the quoted amount for the appointment will be final. If any changes need to be made to the booking details the artist reserves the right to cancel the booking resulting in the forfeit of the booking fee. If the client requests to downgrade the booking e.g; hair and makeup service to just makeup, two clients down to one for the appointment, then the client may still be charged the full quoted amount for the booking.

It is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide to Makeup by Sascha (Name, Address, Phone Number etc.) is correct and current, this information will kept private by the site. 

For mobile services you agree that a safe and suitable space will be provided for Makeup by Sascha to set up, this includes an area preferably with a table and tall chair if possible, as much natural light as possible and a power-point or extension lead if hair styling is also booked. Disorderly behavior and harassment will not be tolerated, if a safe space cannot be provided and the artist feels unsafe with the client Makeup by Sascha reserves the right to cancel the booking resulting in forfeit of the non refundable booking fee. If you are staying at a hotel or somewhere without nearby and safe parking you will need to inform the artist of the closest parking available and arrange for parking fees to be covered. Makeup by Sascha will not cover parking costs and if needed to find suitable parking you will be charged along with your appointment cost. 

For in studio appointments you must arrive on time for your appointment, if you are more than 10 minutes late your booking may be cancelled and your booking fee forfeited. If you are running late for your appointment please let the artist know asap. Trial appointments are always recommended especially for formals and bridal hair and makeup, trials are held in studio only and are a separate full priced appointment as they are a full hair and makeup application.

For hair styling appointments your hair MUST be clean and dry for the appointment, your desired style may not be achieved if it is not, if hair is  damp or wet a fee will be charged to cover the extra time required to blow dry hair before it can be styled (unless a blow dry has been discussed prior).

Frequently asked questions

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